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The Heat: Germany and Transatlantic alliance Pt 2

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Tonight’s panel takes a look at what’s happening with the transatlantic alliance which includes guests Martin Ganslmeier, Washington Bureau Chief for the German radio network, ARD; Kurt Volker, former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and a leading expert on U.S. foreign policy and Vladimir Golstein, an analyst on Russian foreign policy and he’s a professor of Slavic Studies at Brown University.

Detected Closed Captioning: Welcome Back To The Show We’re Talking About Germany And Its Role In The Transatlantic Alliance With The United States Let’s Get Back To Our Panel ambassador I Want To Start With You And Pick Up On A Point That Martin Paid The Fact That Europe Has To Grow Up Has To take Charge If Its Own Affairs The Many Analysts To Say That The World Has Changed Significantly In The Last 20 Years We Have Globalization Right Now Trade Determining The Nature Of relationships Etc How Are Those Things affecting The Transatlantic Relationship um Well In A Variety Of Ways So First Off I Think It Has Been A Hope For Many American Governments I Think Going Back To Certainly Bill Clinton If Not Even Back To Ronald Reagan That We Have Wanted To See Europe Take On More Responsibilities Do More In The World spend More On Defense Play More Of A Leadership Role With The United States In The World And So Seeing And Hearing Chancellor Merkel Talk About This Is Actually Something Is Very Welcome In The US As Well And I Think If You Put yourself Into Her Shoes She Needs To Define This As Something That Europe needs To Do For Itself Not As Something It Does For The United States And So It’s Very Important That She Presents It That Way And I Think She’s Done A Good Job Of Articulating That When You Get To The External Issues You Know The The Rise Of Chinese Economy For Example Indian Economy Russia’s Return As An Aggressive Authoritarian Power These Are All Things And Terrorism Of Course Isis And Then The Crisis In The Middle East these Are All Things That Put A Lot Of Pressure On All Of Our Countries And We Have To React To Them There Is No Less Need For The Transatlantic Community To Work Together In Tackling These Challenges Than There Was During The Cold War Or Immediately After That The Nature Of These Things Are Somewhat different But The Imperative That This u.s. European Relation Should Be Functional And That We Are Tackling these Things Together Is Really Still There And With A Stronger European pillar In That Equation I Think We’re All Better Off So If We Look At something Like Chancellor Merkel Building These Strong Relationships With China With India As You Pointed Out It’s Not An Either-or Situation Everybody Can be Accommodated And All Relationships Absolutely Well Look I Mean Again Think About President Obama talking About A Pivot To Asia This Was About Focusing On The Economy Focusing on The Relationship With China Trying To Build Something More Out Of That That Is A Good Thing Not Only For The US And China But Also For Europe And Likewise the More Engagement All Of Us Have Globally Like This We’re Going To Build A Stronger More Open Liberal Global order Which Is I Think In All Of Our Interests Vladimir If We Look At The relationship Between Germany And Russia the Chancellor Angela Merkel Recently Met With The Russian President Vladimir Putin In Sochi Both Of Them Called For I Mean One Of The Issues That Has Been Talked About Often Is That Of The Issue In Ukraine They Talked About The Implementation Of The Minsk Agreement But If Besides It Other Areas Where Germany And Russia Can Cooperate More Things Like Climate Change Or Terrorism for That Matter You Know There Are You Know The Relationship Between These Two countries Are Fundamental And They Are Fundamental For European Well-being So You Know What We See So Far Is Continuation Of The So-called Washington Consensus That Somehow Kind of Russia Should Be You Know Kind Of Pushed Away You Know Our Region There When They Started The NATO They Wanted To Keep Germany Down And Russia Out And you Guess I Probably Remember That They Try To You Know Glide Over That But That’s The Origins Of NATO And Germany As It Grows Up And It Becomes A Full-fledged In A Member Of World Community Will Sooner Or Later Have To decide What What Is Its Role And Its neighbour With Russia It Wants To Trade With China And The Russia Is A Biggest Guns In The World Which Lies Between The Two So Basically All These Countries Have To Be Involved In The Trade Have To Be Involved In Cooperation And You Know Germany Sooner Or Later You Know And we’ll Understand It My Feeling Is That There Is Like A Split Between Two Types Of Elites In In Germany One Is Very Much invested In All The Stablishment all-star Squad But There Is Business Elite Which Understand That The Wall Has Changed And I Think These Are The Tensions Which they Will Be Decided In German Election sooner Or Later And You Know Maybe This Time Some Kind Of Old Water Is Old World Or The Establishment One But I’d Sooner or Later They Were They Will Lose because The World Has Changed Drastically Since The Collapse Of The Soviet Union If We See This Way Of China biggest Most Powerful Country Now In The World So If The Countries Including Germany Do Not Address It Then I Don’t Know What Will Happen So That’s That’s That’s It Take So Germany Has To Play A Very Serious Role It’s It’s Time For Them To Grow Up Is That Your View As Well Martin That There Are Two Groups In Germany No God And A New Business elitist Bloody Miracle I I Don’t Quite Disagree With That View I Think Of Obviously Germany Always Had Strong Ties also With Russia But I Think Ukraine Was Really Also A Big Shock For Many Germans And I Think As Long As Putin Does Not Really Get In Step With The Minsk Accord Meant I Don’t Think That The German policy Will Change Much In Fact After Donald Trump’s Election Victory Many Germans Were Kind Of Afraid Is The New US Administration Now Cooperating More With Putin Then We Think Is Really Make Sense So Obviously I Think That’s One thing Where The Germans And The German government Is Quite Happy That For Now Rex Tillerson James Mattis They All Kind Of Told Donald Trump Okay We Stick With the Minsk Agreement And We Try To Hope And To Solve This Ukraine Crisis So I Think The Ukraine Crisis Really Has Fundamentally Changed German Russia Relations And I Think Unless Tooten Doesn’t Change His Course There I Don’t see That There’s Gonna Be A Big Improvement That’s Despite The Fact Recently There Was A Vote Taken In The US Senate It Was Overwhelming Ninety seven To Two I Think Reaffirming Sanctions Against Russia In fact Reinforcing Them In A Certain Sense Germany Criticized That Well The Criticism Was Not Because It’s Useful To Do Something To Put Pressure On Poutine The Criticism Was that Attached To This Bill There Was something That Would Have Been Against The North Stream Gas Pipeline And So I Think Many Germans Had The Feeling That Maybe The US Senate Doesn’t Only Have Political Goals With That But Also Economically Goals And And I Guess They Were Surprised About That And That’s Why They Criticized It I Write Ambassador We’ve Got The G20 Summit Coming Up In Hamburg Next Month some Of These Issues Gonna Be Addressed There Absolutely I Think This Is A First Chance For President Trump To Meet With A Number Of Leaders Who Will Be At The G20 That He Hasn’t Seen Before It’ll Be A First Opportunity For Him To Be In The same Place With Platt Amir Putin As Far As I Know A Bilateral Meeting Between The Two Of Them Has Not Yet Been Scheduled But I Think We Can Anticipate that One Could Be And It Is An opportunity To Talk About Things Like nordstrom Russia’s Behavior In The Ukraine And The West Also The Desire To Get Beyond This You Know We Actually want To Have A Good Relationship With Russia We Want To Solve These Problems but Russia Needs To Be The One To Change Some Of Its Actions And So It Is A It Is An Opportunity So To Me What Is Your View On That What Do You Expect To Come Out Of The G20 Well I Expect That You know Russia Will Sort Of Convey Its Position And In Terms Of Ukraine I Hope They Will Clarify Its Situation Is There a Little Bit More Complex Than Your guest Suggests There Is You Know Me Russia Insists I’ve Got The Recent interview With Lavrov They In Fact Follow Minsk Agreement It’s It’s You know They’re You Know Kiev Counterparts Which Do Not And For The Record Key If Leaders Haven’t Met With Eastern Ukrainian Leaders Face-to-face They Just refuse To Treat Them As You Know Kind Of Equals So It’s Also The Ball Is Also In Ukrainian Side So Also If You Go To Criticize Russia In Terms Of Crimea Then It’s A Kind Of Useless Process I Am Not sure There’s Any Single Russian Politician Who see Survive For Two Days Politically If He Decides To Return Crimea It’s A Sort of Absolutely Visceral Issue In In Russia Maybe You Know In Years It Would Be Different But Crimea Shouldn’t Be Even Discussed But What Should Be Discussed Is The Peace There You Know Somehow Diffusing The Tension In Eastern Ukraine But It Will Take All All Parts Until Poroshenko Doesn’t Sit Down With A You Know Lugansk And Donetsk Leaders And someone Negotiated Nothing Will Happen So Just Keep On Blaming Russia For Me It Sounds Like Some Kind Of A Pretext Of Trying To Ostracize And Push It Aside but Sooner Or Later History Will Sort Of In Geography And Trade And Economy Will Have Its Say As Well Ambassador When We Look At Meetings Like The G20 Uh Donald Trump’s Gonna Be There Does He Need To Change His Language Change At All The Manner In Which He Deals With Other Leaders I Don’t Think That It Is Reasonable To Expect Someone Who Has Been Elected President Who’s His Age Who Has Had His Whole Career Based On The Personality That He Is Right To Now Somehow Say Oh He Has To Change His personality Well Oscar Is Not Gonna write Because There Was A Very Critical Comment Made By Nicholas Burns He’s A Former Undersecretary Of State Of The State Department Assessor At NATO Is All Right As Well And He Said Um He Was Talking About The Last Visit And He Said I Couldn’t Think Of Another Visit That was So Fraught With Difficulties Deep Substantial Division Disregard And Disrespected Well That’s Next View Yeah Yeah So That Has To Change well You Know It’s Not Gonna Change I Mean Well We Have All Of These Personalities And Players To Deal With Around The World And We Do We Have To deal With Facts As They Are Donald Trump Is The Man That He Is He Was Elected President United States There Is A Voting Base That He Is Trying To Show To Whom He Is Trying To Show That He Is faithful To To The The Principles That He Articulated During The Campaign And Making America Great Again And All That At The Same Time There Has Been A Fairly Professional Take On Foreign Policy Across The Board I Think It Has Surprised A Lot Of People Whether It Is On The Relationship With Russia On Sanctions Concerning Ukraine And The Conflict There nay no European Union Isis Crisis In The Middle East North Korea Relationship With China Alliances With Japan And South Korea There’s Been Quite A List now Of Foreign Policy Actions By The Administration That Are Consistent With A Long-term Trend Of U.s. Foreign Policy and National Interest You Have These Two Phenomena Going On We Have A Personality that Some People Don’t Like That’s A Fact And We Have A Growing Professionalism In The Conduct Of Foreign Policy That Is Actually I Think somewhat Reassuring To People Martin Mrs. Merkel Is Just A Few Months away From An Election What Her Chances Of Being Reelected There Some Analysts who Say That This Spat With Donald Trump Has Actually Helped Her Well Yeah That that Does Help Her And Donald Trump Is not Very Popular In Germany I Think Only 15 Percent Of Germans Kind Of Think He Is Good Like 75 Or 80 Percent Are Very Critical Which Also Has To Do With The Fact That Barack Obama Was Very Much beloved In Germany The Relationship Between Miracle And Obama Was Very Close So This Change Is Maybe Like Too Big Of A Change On The Other Hand We Respect That America Has Elected A New President and So But I Think Chancellor Merkel Will Do Well At The Election Her Polls Have Gone Up Continuously And Even Her challenger From The Social Democratic Party If You Look At What He Wants It’s Not That Much Different So Germany Seems To Be Pretty Stable Right Now And The Mood Also Thinking About Europe As I Said Has Improved And And So I’m Quite Optimistic About It Okay And That’s Where We Have To Leave It Thanks To All Of You For Being With Us

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