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Weekend Will Feel More Like Spring

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CBS2’s John Elliott has the forecast and says cooler, more seasonal temps are on the way.

Detected Closed Captioning: And In Fact I Love My Weather Watchers Because They Put It In Perspective already The Low 80s North And West And For The South Shore You Have The 70s However I Mean It Is Hot We’re Flirting with A Heat Wave In The City John Has 89 Staten Island He Says A Nice Thunderstorm Would Be A Perfect End Of The Heat Wave 20% Chance For A Few Isolated Storms This Afternoon Now I Think This Is 92 Here Harold Has Already Had Three Days At 90 So Parts Of New Jersey It’s Already Officially A Heat wave We See That Chance In The City And I Like This From Tony He Survived He Actually Survived The Graduation At The college Of New Jersey Yesterday We’ve Got More College Graduations This Weekend That’s Going To Be Nice For Fordham And Adelphi Some Of The Other Schools Because The Temps Are Going To Tumble But We Got A Heat Way To Deal With And It Is A Hot Lunch In Fact Let’s Have Some I Hate To Say Fun With The Numbers But Let’s Show You What’s Going On So First Off We’ll Take The Temperature Of The Area 88 Pretty Common For The Jersey Shore 86 And 1 Mere 87 And Commack You See All The Way Up To Rye You’re At 87 Just For Comparison find A Number Here North And West The day-to-day Comparison It’s 30 Degrees Colder In Parts Of The Great Lakes It’s A Degree Colder In The City But Remember Yesterday You Know We Hit 92 So Even If We Dial It Down A Degree Or Two It Would Still Be A Heatwave For The City There’s The Cooler Weekend But Now If We Have A Heat Wave The Novelty For Me The Last One We Had In May Was Back In 2001 Now The Chance Of A Thunderstorm Yes It Right Now It’s Just Hazy Sun But With the Lift In The Atmosphere There Could Be A Pop-up Storm More Severe Weather In the Lakes Midwest More Snow Out West A Lot Of Energy With This I’d Like To Be and We’d Like To See A Little Bit More Rain To Help With The Pollen Count It Stays Very High It’s Just A Chance Of A Shower This Afternoon As This Front Pushes Through That Shift In The Window Will Usher In Lower Dew Points Cooler temperatures Saturday The Pick Of The Weekend More Clouds On Sunday And Then Some Changes In The Seven-day Forecast You See The Numbers Are Cool This Weekend Kind Of Bottoming Out On Sunday And Then There’s About A 60 To 70 Percent Chance Of Rain On Monday But Numbers Closer To Normal Next Week So After Today It’s A Whole Lot More Well Like Spring Somewhat Seasonable Ya know

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