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US Airstrikes Syrian Convoy

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Published on May 19, 2017

The U.S. launched an air strike on May 18 on a Syrian convoy after it crossed a de-escalation zone near a U.S. coalition base

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Detected Closed Captioning: A U.S. Airstrike Hit Syrian Government Vehicles. The U.S. Attacked The Convoy On May 18 Because It Crossed A So-called Deconfliction Zone Set Up Around An Army Base Near Al-Tanf. The U.S. And Other Western Forces Are Training Syrian Rebels There To Fight ISIS. The Pentagon Says The Convoy Ignored Multiple Warning Shots. The Attack Killed Several Syrian Troops And Destroyed Four Tanks. Russia State News Agency Ria Novosti Reports Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Said The U.S. Strike Was “another Flagrant Violation Of The Sovereignty Of The Syrian Arab Republic.” Al-Tanf Is Located In Southeast Syria Near The Borders Of Jordan And Iraq, And The New York Times Reports Many ISIS Fighters Are Heading Southeast. Competing Pro-Assad And U.S. Coalition Forces Both Fighting ISIS Are Moving Southeast, As Well, As Factions Of The Terrorist Group Go That Direction, Creating A Crowded Warzone. For United News International, I’m Neela Eyunni.

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