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Trump Administration Notifies Congress of NAFTA Renegotiation Plans

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Published on May 19, 2017

The Trump administration has informed Congress of its intent to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement

Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] US President Donald Trump’s Administration Has Notified Congress Of Their Intent To Renegotiate The North american Free Trade Agreement With Canada And Mexico US Trade Representative Robert Light Heiser Sent A Letter Notifying Congress On May 18th however He Did Not Outline All The Administration’s Goals In The Negotiations The Notification Begins A 90-day Period During Which Congress Can Discuss The Deal With The Administration the Earliest That Negotiations Can Begin Is August 16th Trump Slammed NAFTA As A Job-killing Deal During His Campaign And Blamed It For The Decline Of manufacturing In The United States However Trump Has Faced Resistance From Republicans In Congress And Business Interests That Benefit From The Deal light Iser Said The Administration Hopes To Update The Deal Rather Than Pulling Out All Together Canada And Mexico Have Both Expressed Support For NAFTA As Well As A Willingness To Update The Deal For United News International I Met Paul

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