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Should Mets Even Pitch To Trout?

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Boomer & Carton discuss how struggling Mets should deal with Angels’ slugger Mike Trout this weekend

Detected Closed Captioning: So The Rhetoric Is Oh No My Trout The Best Player In Baseball Is A Comin To Town In The Meadow At Seven In A Row And Oh My God If My Trout’s Going To Bury Them Here’s Where Baseball Is Different Than Every Other Sport If The New York Mets Want To Decide And By The Way They Should Decide what I’m About To Say That My Trout Is Not Going To Put A Bat In His Hands And Hurt Them In Any Capacity You Have The Ability To Neutralize The Best Player In Baseball All You Have To Do When He Comes Up To The Plate Is Wave Your Four little Fingers And With The New Rules In Baseball He Didn’t Even Get Into The Batter’s Box So My Trout Coming To Town Poses Zero problem For The New York Mets Maybe You Decide That You Don’t Want Him To Cause You A Problem Walk Them They Did It To Barry Bonds The Last Ten Years Of His Career Over A Hundred Intentional Walks A Year Every Single Year So The Notion Of If You Maybe Pick Up The Dopey Rags Here Today Um Just What The Mets Need My trout Rolling At The Citi Field oh No My Trout Down In Trout I Can guarantee You That My Trout Does Not Drive In A Single Run Does Not Get A Single Head And Does Not Hurt The New York Mets Once This Weekend Now If You Want To Pitch To Them With This Shoddy Pitching Staff And Have Gizumon Your groove A Fast Ball To Them Go Right ahead But If You Go My Way Mike Trout Never Gets Into The Batter’s Box Well My Drum Mantra My Trout Here Have 13 Home Runs 30 RBIs In A 341 Batting Average I Guarantee You Will Kill The Mets This Weekend Now So What Day They May Not Beat The Mets Maybe The Meets Will Come Out Of The Mets Will Come Out Of Their Funk Or Something But I Guarantee You Everybody Else’s Best Player Kills The Mets Right So Welcome when Freddie Freeman Comes Back To Town walk He’s Got A Broken Wrist This For A Week That Man He’s Got A Broken Wrist now Well You Know I’m Saying Yes Oh Yeah oh When Iron Judge Comes For The Subway Series Walk Up You Can’t Walk Everybody you Got To Play Baseball Man Buy In There In The In The In The In The What Idea I think About My Genius Of God With My Jacob Degrom I Want To Pitch Them What About Walk Them Now Stop Walk It Up I’m Telling You If You If The Guys That Could And He Is That Good Walk Him You know The Told No Chef Oh No Here Comes Mike Trout Oh He’s From New Jersey He’s Gonna Want To Show Off In Front Of His family And Friends Which He Does Every Day Anyway He’s That Good That’s Right How About This Tells The Trout Family don’t Bother Coming To Citi Field we’re Walking Him Every Time He Gets Up know He’s Already Got 24 Base On Balls This Year And People Are Staying Away From Him But I You Know I Actually Did There Are Certain Players In A League And He’s One Of Them That Like You Want To See Play I Just He’s A Great Baseball players A Great Representative Of What Every Baseball Player Should Be He’s The Guy I Agree A Hundred Says It’s Great getting To Watch A Plane That’s This Is Where It Early Play Is A Good Thing Your Naturally Team Gets A C-plus Plus You Know He’s From Here So There Is A attached Story To It Which Is Which I Think Is Great Anytime Can You Know Highlight A Local Kid That Has Done Well And Has Done Really Well And In This Case Has Turned Himself Into Being One Of The Top Three Players In All Of Baseball Yeah It Should Be Highlighted Welcome

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