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Refugee in Algeria Makes Homes Out of Plastic Bottles

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A man living in a refugee camp in Algeria is making sturdier shelters out of plastic bottles

Detected Closed Captioning: [Music] When Life Gives You Plastic Bottles You Could Make Houses With Them That’s What One Man Is Doing On A Refugee Camp In Algeria 27 Year Old Tati Labib Briah Has Lived In The Camp Near Tindouf His Entire Life It’s Been Home To Many Displaced Cerrar People Since The Western Sahara War In 1975 A Video posted May 10th On Facebook By The UN Refugee Agency Shows How Tata Is Helping His Neighbors While Setting energy-efficiency At A United Nations scholarship Program Tata Was Inspired To make Shelters From Plastic Bottles tattoo Packs Each Bottle With Sand Then Stacks Them In Rows The Structure Is Then Cemented In Place These Plastic Bottle Shelters Are Better Alternative to Typical Adobe Mud Brick Or Tent Shelters Because They Can Better Withstand The Harsh Arid Environment with The Help Of The UNHCR Tata Has Built 25 Homes To Date And Has Earned The Nickname Crazy With Bottles For United News International I’m Cambrie Caldwell

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