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Officials Give Update On Deadly Times Square Crash

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Published on May 19, 2017

NYPD officials discuss the timeline in Times Square crash, the charges against driver Richard Rojas and also give an update on the victims.

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Detected Closed Captioning: Afternoon As He Had Said I’m Chief Bill Aubrey Chief Of Manhattan South Detectives I’m Here With Lieutenant Jason Shire He’s The CEO Of Midtown South Squad We’re Here 24 Hours Removed From A Horrible Tragedy That Happened Yesterday that Took The Life Of Alyssa Ellsberg And Injured 20 Other Pedestrians As They Were Walking Along The Sidewalk On A Beautiful Sunny Day In Times Square there Were 20 Injured Besides Alyssa And I’m Going To Give You A Breakdown Of Those 20:19 Will Hospitalized At Various Hospitals One Was Treated At The Scene Of The 19th At Which Treated At Local Hospitals Seven Were Admitted There’s Still Three That A In Critical Condition and His One That’s Very Critical And She Is A 38 Year Old Woman From Canada And we Also Have Alyssa’s 13 Year Old Sister Ava Who’s Being Treated At Cornell Hospital For Collapsed Lung And Broken Pelvis our Heart Goes Out To Alyssa A Family And All Those That Were Injured Yesterday For What They Encountered I’m Going To Go Through Richard Rojas He’s A 26 Year Old Individual From The Bronx He’s Being Charged Today With One count Of Murder Two For Intentionally Taking A Life Of Alyssa Allison He’s Also Being Charged With 20 Counts Of Attempted Murder Two For Striking Those 20 Pedestrians As They Walked Along The Street He’s Being Charged With Five Counts Of Aggravated Vehicle Homicide Which Includes The Death What A Serious Physical Injury To Individuals As I Repeated I’m Going To Repeat As I Stated Yesterday He Was Arrested Two Previous times For Driving And Drinking And Once In 2008 Once In 2005 2015 And He Was Arrested On May 11 The Menacing I’m Going To Give You A Timeline Of How The Events Took Place Yesterday How Richard Ended Up Here In Times Square At o’clock We Have A Plate Head He’s Inbound From The Bronx Coming Into Manhattan At 11:48 He’s Driving Southbound On Broadway And 52nd Street At 11:50 He’s On 48th Street And 7th Avenue At 1152 He’s On 47th Street And 7th Avenue At 11:50 For The First 911 call Comes In And We See Him As You’ve Seen On The Various Videos You See Him on The Left Lane On 7th Avenue As He Approaches 42nd Street He Slows Down He Allows Traffic To Pass And Then He Makes that Right Turn Onto The Sidewalk He Accelerates It While He’s Doing So And While He Accelerates He Starts To Strike Down The First Pedestrians As He Hits Between 42nd And 43rd Street He Strikes Alissa He Continues On From 42nd To 43rd accelerating He Continues On 44th 45th He Actually Goes Underneath The Scaffold parts Of His Call The Side View Mirror license Plates Are Falling Off As He’s Striking These Pedestrians People Are Being Dragged They’re On Top Of The Car Finally When He Hits A Bollard Security bolotoff 45th Street 7th Avenue His cause Stops He Gets Out Of His Car Where he Encounters A Traffic Agent They Fall To The Ground And Then There’s Other Good Samaritans On And Off Duty Lauren Faust Of Course My Officers That Apprehend Him At This Point In Time We Want To Make Sure That We Do A Thorough Investigation working Along With Our Partners In The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office To determine The Exact Motivation And His State Of Mind Of Richard Rojas We’re Going To Look At His Background Which We’re Currently Doing We Have Court Orders And Search Warrants That Were expedited We Have To Make Sure We Look through His Vehicle We Have To Make Sure we Look Through His Home In The Bronx And Of Course The Toxicology Results To Determine What Type Of Chemical Substance Richard Was On That Intent That encompasses Blood Work That Will Be Analyzed And That’s Expedited With The Medical Examiner’s Office We Expect Results On That In The Next Few Days I Can’t Help But Wonder And When I Was Speaking With The District Attorney’s Office This Morning He Left His House At Came Here To Times Square There Was No Incidents In Between That Goes To His State Of Mind He Waited For those Cause To Pass And He Accelerated Striking Down These Pedestrians That Goes To A State Of Mind And His Motivation You’re Going To Ask Me About Its Statements I’m Going To Keep It Very broad I Don’t Want To Get Too Specific Again The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Has To Present This To A Grand Jury And I Don’t Want To Compromise That Thank You All Right We Can Take A Few Of Your Questions Miles Well I’ll Answer Your First Question In That As Far As Chemical Substances Whether They Be PCP Or Any Other Chemical Substances Synthetic Chemical substance You Know You Look At It And his Preliminary Tests That We’ve Done They Confirm What His Statements Were And There’s Also A More Thorough Exam that Has To Be Done With The Medical Examiner And That’s The Blood Results those Are The Results That We’re Waiting I Can’t Comment On The Exact Chemical substance But We’re Hoping That The Blood Work Comes Back In The Next Few Days To Confirm What We Believe You Know It As Any Case Like This The Emotions Are Running High And People Are going To Say And Say Things On An Individual That Just Struck Down 20 People And And Killed This This 18 Year old Woman They’re Going To Say Things So Yeah We Will Take Any Threat That Comes In Serious And We’re Going To Build In proportions Right Over Here Right We Have A Counter Kevin counterterrorism Component And I Could Tell You I Spoke To The Chief Of Counterterrorism Chief Lotus This morning And There Are Safety Plans That Were Built In Overnight And You May Not see Or Be Aware Of Certain Things Is Of Course The Obvious Ones The Jersey Barriers And Is The Unobvious Ones The Ones That You Don’t Realize That Are Actually Security Measures That That Are In Place I Can’t Answer That Question I’m Here To Speak About The Investigation Mari I’ll Try To Get There We’re Still Going Through The Vehicle but At This Time There Is Nothing That we Found In A Vehicle That Would Be Out Of The Order He Had A Log He Had A Large Knife He Was He Pled Guilty And You Know Was On May 11 That’s That’s Why Good Daddy Right Right Right Down Here Tony We’re Going To Go Through His House We Had To Apply For A Search Warrant With The Court We Have That Search Warrant and We’re Going To Go Through His House surely Going To Do That To That Julia None Not-not-not Whatsoever He Served In A Navy From 2011 To 2014 So None That We See So Far Reiter’s Anything About A Family Or Job worked I Rather Not Comment On His Statements portage Entrances Are A Party Of We’re Going To Look At His Background That’s Part Of It As Far As Any Mental Illness History Of Psychological illnesses We’re Looking At That Right now Even With Family [Music] speak Up I’m Sorry We Speak Up We Will Always Critique An Incident Like This We Get Together Intelligence division Counterterrorism And We’ll Look At An Incident Like This To See Ways that We Can Feel They’re Being well-liked This Was Happening In The Future We Have Him He’s Actually Being Processed With Downtown Right Now And Of Course That Would Be Something That We Would Look At That’s It Chief Keef what’s Your Message The Good Samaritan off The Office Or The Bouncer That stopped What Do You Want To Say Great Great Point I Just Want To Thank The people When That Happened Yes The Name And Just I Would Tell All You Take A Look At That Video It’s A Horrible Thing That Happened He’s These People Underneath That Vehicle They Were On Top of The Vehicle That Car Stops And The One Thing That Stuck Out When I Watch that Was There Was A Little Girl There She’s Probably About Five Years Old And you Could See How Wait About One Or Two Seconds After That Call Flips Up And You’ll See How Coming Out Of That Back Of That Call And Your Heart Goes Out To Everybody Because That Little Girl Would have Been Killed If It Wasn’t For That volley Stopping That Call You Know And There’s Many More People That Would Have probably Been Killed Or Seriously Injured If It Wasn’t For The Security Measures That Were Put In Place On 45th Street So Yeah I Mean You Look At It And You And You Say I Want To Thank The Good Samaritans I Want To Thank The People that Stopped Them From Beginning With that Traffic Agent To The Security God To The On And Off Duty Law Enforcement officers The People That Work In A Time Square Alliance Were There Everybody Came Together To Stop Him From From doing Any More Damage To This Setting side Yes NJ You Will Have To Check With The Courts On That I’d Rather Not Comment On That I Know We Pled Guilty I Know It Was Released But We’ll Have To Look In That It Was In The Bronx So We’ll Have To Take A Look At That Thank You Everyone He Lives With His Mom In The Bronx And She’s Been Cooperating With Us The Neighbors Have Been Cooperating Because they See The Carnage That Happened Yesterday And They Want To Help Us Thank You

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