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We’re thrilled to announce Blair Hanley Frank will join VentureBeat as a staff writer effective May 22, 2017. His areas of coverage will include artificial intelligence, big data, cloud infrastructure, and enterprise technologies.

Above: Blair Hanley Frank joins VentureBeat as a staff writer covering AI, big data, cloud infrastructure, and enterprise.

Blair comes to VentureBeat from IDG News Service where he served as a U.S. correspondent and provided breaking news and analysis of the public cloud, productivity and operating systems businesses. His articles have appeared in PC World, CIO, and InfoWorld, among others. Prior to IDG, Blair wrote for GeekWire, focusing on such large companies as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. He holds a B.A. in English from Whitman College.

Please join us in welcoming Blair Hanley Frank to VentureBeat! You can follow him at @belril.

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