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Game Changer: Dr. Hector Castillo gives Mexican youth a practical alternative to gangs

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Published on May 19, 2017

A sociologist in Mexico City has developed a unique way to keep young people engaged in positive activities, as a deterrent to joining gangs.

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Detected Closed Captioning: behind The The Levels of Violence That We Suffer They Are Brutal if There Are Areas Marginal Areas very Very Poor Areas There Are literally you’d Rather Not Even Be No Because They Are Areas That Are Forbidden By The Involvement of Organized Groups [Music] I Decided I Would Dedicate To Work Groups and Try what They Did As Sociologist had A direct Impact On Groups That Is Was Connecting science With Community [Music] after The [Music] It Is Very Basic you Take Your Group works Especially poor Youth there Many Stigmas It Has Many But At The Moment You Approach Them instead of Work on Your Problem work On Their skills On Their Potential of What They Want [Music] The Objective Of this Union Is Create A common language and Language the Language That We Are Generating with Young People From Youth silva To Reach Agreement With Other Classes social With Other Groups school Public Institutions [Music] I’m Still Teaching At the University Said Generating new new Litters 14 Sociologists Who Understand That There Is A Research practice Research Social Applied that Can Be Built which It Has Impacts On The community Changes The Lives of People We Need social Participation To Help Us Build a Network More Largest of these valleys We Finally Passed spaces And Useful Interaction And Do Missing many Many More Spaces many other Cities In Our Country [Music] 60 percent But facebook neither agents Interrogated Wealth [Music] The First Thing You Should Leave Them a Practical Activity where They Can have A Job if You Hit The Issue Of Employment is perfect thing Beyond They Like Or do Not Like Latinas It Can Function As A Gesture they Can find A Job Through of The activity They Do This Reproduce And Generate Many Other Dynamic [Music] It Helped Me To Have More And More Security no more Security When Interact not Only In The Workshop But Outside employment [Music] My Life Has Changed in Many Ways emotional functionally Physically Up Spiritually so I It Is Here Passing The Workshops teachers My Friends did the Sixth all the Experiences All This I They Have Generated with My Band The Relationship With My Mother has not changed He Makes me Happy If There Is One For Me Is An Inspiration such Sensitive Power For The younger Generations That They Can Face Reality Next because we Always Have The Opportunity To change we Will Always Have opportunity To Change Today we Live In A final reality here we Will Always Be Able To Change These Things [Music] savio Kayak To 18 hours So yeah Obviously it’s nothing [Music]

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