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Firefighters crushed by colleague they couldn’t save

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Published on May 19, 2017

San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem was killed and two others were hurt while fighting a massive blaze inside a shopping center.

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Detected Closed Captioning: We Do Have Folks On Coming From The Roof Of In Large Center 912 39 San Antonio Firefighters Rushed From Station 35 To A Strip Mall Fire Teary-eyed Fire Chief Charles Hood Explained The Units Arrived Found Heavy Fire Due To The Time Of Day And It Being A Gym They Went In And tried To Do A Search And Rescue On The Main Body Of Fire The Fire Just Grew chief Hood Says The Conditions Changed peril Started To Close In Later Later two Firefighters Unaccounted For possibly Lost In The Burning Building He Advised We Have Firefighter One Firefighter Two That Are Inside That We Do Not Know Where They’re At A Glimmer Of Hope From The Four Alarm Fire The advise We Have One Firefighter That’s being Pulled Out Frame To Pull Out Over To EMS Right Now One Firefighter Was Saved But Scott Deems A Six-year Veteran Up SAF D Became A Casualty Of Service very Rough Decision To Leave A Firefighter Behind And That’s Not What We Do But We Have The Risk Of Losing Probably Additional 15 To 20 Firefighters If We Did Not Go Defensive On This Fire 61 Units Came To Fight The Flames At This Strip Mall [Music] Scott Deems Was The Only One Taken Away Under The Dignified Salute Of His Heartbroken Brothers Crushed By The One They Could Not Say

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