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Do you know about the Astronaut Hall of Fame?

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Only the greatest are given the honor.

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Detected Closed Captioning: As If Being An Astronaut Isn’t Prestigious Enough The United States Greatest Space Explorers Can Also Be Inducted Into The U.s. Astronaut Hall Of Fame NASA’s First Astronaut Class The Mercury Seven Established The Honor In The 80s New Members Are Inducted For What They’ve Done To Further NASA’s Mission Of Exploration And Discovery it’s Pretty Competitive Only 95 Of The More Than 300 American Astronauts Past And Present Have Been Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame Including John Glenn And Neil Armstrong Shuttle Astronauts Michael Pfohl And Ellen Ochoa Are The Latest To Receive The Honor Full Logged More Than Three Hundred Seventy Four Days In Orbit And Was The First British space Walker H OA Was The First Hispanic woman In Space So If You’re One Of The lucky Few To Be Part Of NASA’s Next Astronaut Class Here’s Another Nearly Impossible Goal To Strive For [Music]

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