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NASA Funds Two New Institutes to Develop Technology for Space Exploration

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Published on Feb 22, 2017

NASA has pledged $30 million to two new university led institutes to develop new technologies to aid in space exploration

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Detected Closed Captioning: nasa Announces It Will Fund To New Research Institutes With The Aim Of Aiding Deep Space Exploration On February 17th NASA Pledged To Split 30 Million Dollars Between The Two Institute’s Which Will Be University Led Their Aim Will Be To Develop New Technologies In The Field Of Bio Manufacturing And New Materials That Will Be Directly Applicable In Space Exploration Missions Each Institute Will Be A Partnership Of Several Universities And Each Will Focus On Producing Tangible Outcomes Within Five Years The First Institute Is The Center For The utilization Of Biological Engineering In Space Or Cubes Its Focus Is On Using Biomanufacturing To Produce Food Fuel Pharmaceuticals And Other Materials For Astronauts On Their Missions The Second Of The Two Is The Institute For Ultra Strong Composites By A Computational Design It’s Tasked With Designing And Creating Materials To Be Used In Habitats Vehicles And Other Buildings outside The Earth’s Atmosphere For Newsbeat Social I’m At Paul

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