Voxx enters radar, red light camera detection biz

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Hauppauge-based Voxx International has entered the automobile radar and camera deterrent and detection business through a manufacturing and distribution partnership with noLimits Enterprises.

Voxx at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show announced the deal with the developer of radar and automatic traffic camera deterrent devices.

Voxx said the partnership will expand distribution of existing noLimits products and open the door to “product integration with other vehicle electronics products in the Voxx portfolio.”

Voxx will distribute the NoPhoto Camera Jammer and Radenso XP Radar Detector, marking its entry into a new category.

“Radar is a category that has been dominated by a select few for many years,” Aron Demers, a Voxx senior vice president, said in a written statement. “We remain committed to providing our retailer, expeditor and new car dealer partners with unique products that can increase their profitability and these products will certainly deliver.”

The NoPhoto Camera Jammer, Voxx said, prevents red light and speed camera tickets by detecting the camera’s flash and adding additional light, so the license plate number is unreadable.

The Radenso XP Radar Detector alerts motorists of radar and laser guns up to several miles away, Voxx said.

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